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Mar 31, 2013 8:00am PDT
. are schools producing graduates that can succeed in a changing world, and what can we do to decrease the national dropout rate now at 35%. easter believes updating traditional teaching is the answer. she knows because she does it everyday. she has been shaking up the status quo at high schools for 27 years. she is a teacher of the year and with the carnegie foundation for the advancement of teaching. they believe esther's ideas, changing classroom into more relevant models works. thank you so much for being here. >> thank you so much for having me here. >> this is a topic near and dear to my heart because i am a former teacher. you said a lot of it need to change. what is not working? >> today we have teachers teaching the way they did 100 years ago. teachers are standing up in front of the class and lecturing. how does that teach you anything for the most part, because lecturing is not an effective way to learn. kids take notes, take the tests, a multiple choice test on friday. the question is, is this the most effective way to learn? my answer is no, that is not the most effec
Mar 10, 2013 8:00am PDT
's womb. the same exposure to prenatal testosterone and estrogen changes how the limb brick -- limbec brain is organized. >> huh,. >> it's a marker for subtle brain differences seated with the joinedder and transscend gender. >> chapter 5, was eating that full of ice cream there. you got into the men and women thing. >> yeah. >> and a lot of people would think competitive woman, you know, she's too edgy or too rough, she's not nice and could be evil. yet, these are the women who get ahead. where am i wrong in that? >> i don't know about the characteristic temp ram. >> and that is what people think. >> and one of the things they thought was certainly what is a major social issue. how many women are represented in politics and especially at the national level. >> 18-point something%, 18.8. >> this great victories, right, of the women running in november and it's still only 18%. >> uh. >> the scientists for years said, well, women must be less competitive and turns out to be totally wrong. it's that women are good at judging the odds of whether they have a chance to win. >> uh. >> the me
Mar 24, 2013 8:00am PDT
plan and who wants to pick up and leave and change and get a different plan. >> all right. >> and one of the things you're saying is since it's tied to employers, we needed something that gives individuals more choice, is that right? >> yes. >> is there a provision for that in the plan or is that something that we're looking at something as an amendment to the plan? >> there are provisions, and the health exchanges that are scheduled to start next year, presumably, will offer this. >> we don't know. >> what are the health exchanges. break this down. most of us don't know what that means. >> what a health exchange will be, presumably, because all the regulations are not written yet. >> uh. >> will be that the state can run groups of insurance companies that people can vie to get different types of insurance coverage. people can get subsidies for the coverages if they don't qualify, they're not low-income enough to qualify for medicaid. in california, it's called medi- cal. >> okay. >> and up to 400% of poverty level, which is $88,000 for a family of four. >> and this is kind of a safet
Mar 17, 2013 8:00am PDT
in shelters. >> did that whole experience -- did it change you finding out that you were jewish and going through all of this? i think that some of it shapes us, but did it plant the seeds on what you do now? >> well, i did not know about the jewish part until i was a un bam bass corr. i was shaped by world war ii in terms of what rule the united states could play because in many ways the theme of my life was when the u.s. was not involved and what was made over czechoslovakia and terrible things happened. when the united states came in to world war ii, everything changed. the agreements made and the americans did not liberate czechoslovakia but the soviet union did. i do in the goodness of the american power and role, and i do think that we need to help where we can. i used to say that we were the indepenceable nation. there's nothing about the definition that says alone that with other countries we can help those that are in trouble. in fact, the last time that you were here we talked and you had a book that was called memo to the president elect and you wrote i usual you to concentrate
Mar 3, 2013 8:00am PST
buy the stock? >> no. the french brought the bread to vietnam and the vietnamese changed it, so, it is not quite baguette. you can make it inside or outside, you can buy a certain texture of bread. you buy a french baguette. a country loaf may be too hard. >> that is fabulous. you can see the fresh greens pouring out of there. >> this is a classic meatball and pickle cilantro. we have a spring roll and papaya solid. >> and this is a? >> the salad is shades of green papaya, fried solid and tofu. >> i would never -- fried salad and tofu. >> i would never think to put those things together. i don't have the talent. >> well, i wanted to do a book that gives people the basic technique of the stir fry grill. >> you said i am a home cook. >> yes. this is all home stuff. i basically take home cooking and convert it into restaurant cooking. now i have to change all the recipes back to home because we make it by the bucket. >> it is hard to find things like lemon grass? >> no, but if you are in alaska and you can't find vietnamese mint, there are other mints, substitutes. >> you ca
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5